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I believe you do not get the choice to side with Tuska this

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I believe you do not get the choice to side with Tuska this

Beitragvon Sunxuemei » Sa 31. Okt 2020, 04:04

Elder Gods Quest - Looks bland, but fine. Even though it was intermediate I had been hoping for something much more elevated than OSRS gold running around looking for a few crazy. Zammy quest - Looks good. 200th pursuit - I love how this looks. It's good that they want to do something which is not from one of the major storylines but at precisely the exact same time not do something completely silly like RFD. It is reflective and hopefully is better than RFD. Barrows boots, anybody?

Tuska world event - that I like this also. Definitely will support bringing tuska to runescape although she will probably lose since the vast majority of runescape players are dumb and have a moral compass when it comes to make ridiculous decisions on a pc game. Obviously if it were real life we would want to keep a powerful and damaging being out, but onto a computer game it makes things interesting (and also we want a bandos replacement). Although I don't have any idea if our decisions will keep her from the match. Ports - Still unhappy that Pirates items lost but t85 weapons is cool. So the 200th pursuit as well as the wilderness things seem the best to me.

I believe you do not get the choice to side with Tuska this event Sobend. It's all Vs Tuska, my guess is that everyone will be forced to be part of the identical team against Tuska or form several different God teams that can compete against eachother (via PvP with some luck and maybe in another non-PvP ways) for glory and prestige but the ultimate goal will stay beating Tuska. That's how I believe it is going to be or it could be hugely unfair considering it's going to be Gods + the Godless against staff Tuska.We can all relate whenever someone cites"rune armour" or"wilderness" as Runescape pops into our mind instantaneously and the memories come flooding back with a huge blast of nostalgia at the exact same time. You found out about Runescape from a friend, sibling or even from another site and if you first heard about it, you were very excited to give this new popular game a go. I remember quite clearly when I was about 6-7 in about 2003-04 and I watched my old cousin playing a game onto a desktop PC with Windows 2000 and my other cousin and I saw him for a bit and asked him what he had been playing. It was Runescape. buy School RuneScape Gold seemed cool to both of us so our youthful brains thought,"Why don't we give this a try?" We both made accounts and that's where our journey started.
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