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My 3rd step will be cooking Monkfish out of 90-94 Cooking.

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My 3rd step will be cooking Monkfish out of 90-94 Cooking.

Beitragvon Dingbest » Mo 30. Nov 2020, 08:18

In summary: Get more income , and up your combat stats . I'd recommend you get each combat level up one level first, then attempt to receive Prayer to 60, bare minimal. Consider doing it through slayer for RuneScape gold some decent cash, which you actually need. Rune is nice. Barrows is much better but rune is good if you do not have the money to spend. You may even range him. If you go for a group of 4/5 you could last maybe 10 kills rune. Probably 15 using Barrows, it does not actually make that much of difference.

Rune is economical and easy to replace, since there's a constant supply of this. You do not need Barrows. He will not require a lot of food either. A complete devise of Tuna potatoes would be good. I went with like 75 all combat stats. It took me some time to discover a group, and paradoxically I was the 2nd greatest level in that group, and we still managed to get around 10 kills . He has 42 Slayer. What is he going to kill to create'decent cash' there? Terror Dogs for Granite Helms? But if you're so familiar that Rune is a pile of shizzle then how's he going to handle that? Your incompetence is driving me insane.

Yes, even with using Sharks is exactly what I'm calculating here. . .please inform me if this is perfect. I'm calculating the following starting at 80 Cooking: 80-86 Cooking I'll be cooking Lobsters. Cooked Lobsters minus Raw Lobsters is the actual quantity of cash I will lose per Lobster. I have calculated the difference to be 52gp in the current mid costs in the GE. I will need to cook 13,088 Lobsters for level 86 Cooking. This implies 13,088*52gp, or the cash I lose per lobster. This equals to just 680,576gp.

My 3rd step will be cooking Monkfish out of 90-94 Cooking. The difference between Cooked Monkfish and Monkfish equals 48gp so cooking 17,322 for 94 Cooking will lose me 831,456gp. My final step is Sharks from buy OSRS gold 94-99. They are a 46gp difference so cooking 24,238 will just lose me 1,114,948. Please inform me if I calculated this right.
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