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The TBC opens for player-versus-player matches between teams

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The TBC opens for player-versus-player matches between teams

Beitragvon rodeoneerer » Di 6. Jul 2021, 07:44

From July 2nd to July 7th, Blizzard is scheduled to test PvP battles against its faction in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic. After the release of the add-on, there were long queues to enter the battlefield in the game, so the studio decided to fix the problem in a non-standard way. Now, if players are in the queue for too long, they will go to fight in "Maneuvers" mode against their faction - Alliance versus Alliance and Horde versus Horde.

What is the problem? Many realms have significantly more Horde than Alliance players. As a result, waiting times in battlefields have become extremely long. Horde players in particular can sometimes wait up to an hour before receiving an invitation - not a good prospect for those who see PvP as their main activity.

explains in the official World of Warcraft forum, the game will first try to find a team from the opposing faction. If things don’t go very fast, you’ll instead be queued to play against your own faction. Rewards such as Honor Points and Reputation will continue to be given as usual.

However, the Allianz players see it differently. The worries about the identity of the two factions and now fear that there is no longer any reason to play with the alliance at all. The Horde's strong folk bonuses would have already ensured that more and more PvP fans switch to the Horde. When no alliance members are needed for PvP, there are fewer reasons to join the alliance at all.

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